Monday, August 31, 2009

Can I Get You a Coffee?

I love the smell off coffee. I love the idea of coffee. But I don't like the taste of coffee. And I live where there is a Starbucks every 50 feet! I only like coffee if it's got a lot of milk and sugar and whipped cream and chocolate in it. I know. That's not "really" coffee. I love Peppermint Mocha or velvety hot chocolate with a hint of coffee flavor or a creamy caramel flavored coffee. You get the idea. My husband calls it "sissy coffee."

Anyway, I had the idea of doing a recipe album (but I don't cook), and I wanted to do something "fun." While I was thinking on it I saw some Starbucks "hot sleeves" on my desk that someone gave me because they thought I "could make something out of them." And it hit me! I could make a Coffee Recipe Album! Ta-da!

I grabbed a MOSD Cover 2 Cover Show-Off Album and got to work! The Show-Off is 4x6 with 2 clear covers and 4 chipboard pages. The perfect size for my little album! I also have a cookbook called 1001 Chocolate Recipes or something like that. And I was off and running!

I stamped my clear covers with Timber Brown Staz-On ink to simulate "coffee stains" and then inked the edges of the acrylic to make them stand out. Then I attached a coffee sleeve to the front for decor.

The back of the hot sleeve shows through the acrylic for a whimsical effect. I used Flair Designs paper for the background of my recipes.

I typed up the recipes on the computer and added some clip art and stamped images for decoration. Very simple and fast to pull together.

I colored a few of the images with colored pencil to make them pop off the page.

I used a few stamps to make "coffee stains" on the paper as well. I used Stampin' Up, Colorbox Chalk, and Versacolor ink. The Versacolor ink is called Java! How funny!

I found great clip art on Microsoft Word.

After I finished the album, I punched a hole in one corner and bound it with a MOSD brown plastic ring. I decorated the ring with ribbons and a spoon "tag charm."

I hope you enjoyed looking at my little recipe album! Have a cup of joe on me!

- Gloria


AmesOx said...

Aww...this has got to be the cutest idea ever!! And would make the most awesome gift for that coffee lover in your life!!! LOVE it!

kellyjean said...

That is soooooo cute, Gloria! What a fun way to know more about you! I don't even like the sissy coffees, he he he. I'm a cider and cocoa kind of gal... you know, gotta get my sugah somehow, he he. LOVE the book, girl!

Erica said...

Very cute! I love the coffee stain stamps. I'm with you on the coffee - I like the smell of them, but can't stand the taste.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

simply creative---i love the coffee stain stamps--you did a great job on your book, Gloria!

Dolores said...

Gloria I love Coffee, and I think you did a fab job with the album

Carolyn Lontin said...


Tina said...

I just love coffee and love the idea of making a recipe book of coffee. The coffee stain stamps was such a nice touch!!! LOVE IT!!! :D

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

Very cute, Gloria. Since I LOVE coffee...the smell, the taste, the energy boost...everything about it, I just think this is the BEST idea!

Jennifer said...

LOVE This! I would do the idea with my teas!!!!

Marisa said...

Awesome Gloria! I love coffee! This is a great twist on a recipe book! :)