Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little bit of snow to share

Winter is on it's way here for sure! Super cold, wind blowing and snow showers. It's a little early here in the South here for it to start--but I love it. Get's me in the holiday spirit!

Speaking of snowflakes and holiday spirit--these ornaments were super easy to make.

You'll need the following to make the ornaments

Clear Glass ornaments (buy at the local craft store's)
Clear glaze glitter paint or white school glue thinned down with water
Glitter, fine and coarse glitter.
paper cups
Snowflake stick on's

How To:
To do the Silver and Blue ornament
Take the ornament ball and the glitter glaze or the thinned out white glue and pour about 1-2 tsps inside. Swirl around making sure to coat the entire ornament completely. Then turn the ornament upside down in a paper cup for the excess to drain out. Don't leave it for long or it will dry completely. Once drained, take the coarse gliter and pour 1-2 tsp's inside the ornament and shake it around to coat the ornament. Add more glitter if you have blank areas. Let dry for a couple of hours. Put the ornament cap back on.
Now it's time to pick out the snowflakes from the snowflake stick on sheet. I found out that the snowflakes with skinny spindles actually applied better to the curved surface. Rub them on completely. TA DA! You have a gorgeous snowflake ornament!

To do the Pink multi paint ornament

Take pink paint and pour a small amount about 1 tsp in the ornament swirl around. Let drain over a paper cup. Come back in about 10-15 minutes and pour your second color of paint in the ornament ball. Swirl around again. Let drain into the paper cup.Take your fine cut glitter and swirl around in the ornament, some will show heavily and some will not. Wait another 10 minutes and then pour in your third color of paint. Let drain over a paper cup for a couple of hours. I used pink, light pink and white paint on the example. Don't get impatient when adding in the second and third colors of paint, if added too quickly the colors can become muddy. Put the ornament cap back on. Then you're ready to apply the snowflake stick on's.
You could add further embellishments with ribbon, a little bling, some christmas floral mini picks(those are super cheap this time of year)
These would make great gifts for the kids to help make for grandparents, teachers and friends. Just be sure to watch the younger ones, these ornaments are glass and will break. Or another great gift idea would be to make a complete set of ornaments for a terrific present. The ornament sets are usually sold in a set of 6 and can be purchased using one of those great 40% or 50% coupons.

Happy Holidays and Happy Scrapping!


Carla said...

Those are just gorgeous!!! I love them! Will have to look for some clear galss balls!

Gloria Stengel said...

These are so pretty! Great job on the tutorial! And it's the only snow I will see all year!

Diedra said...

Most excellent.

CandyCane said...

those are beautiful!! I may have to try making some myself!

debbiefitz said...

They turned out beautifully, Veronica! I think I need to make some of these!

Alicia Sharp said...

I totally love those! I have got to make some!!

polinka said...

that's beautiful!!

jackfrosty said...

So Sweet!Great job!