Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winner Search!

Howed all you faithful blog readers out there! I was hoping you could help me out... the scrapping world is no different than any other so I'm hoping for some of the 7 degrees of seperation magic to work... here is what I need:
I have a prize pack for Krista Hannah for her mommy moments album seen on this post:
I also have a prize pack for Christy Wright for her Smile album seen on this post: SMILE

Because we ran the contest in a new and innovative way - there were some cracks and not having contact info for all the entrants is a major crack --- so I am hoping ya'll can help out!

If you Know Krista or Christy - have them contact me at my mosd email address --- christy @ mosdinc. com. I really want to get them their goodies!


Alicia Sharp said...

I know Christy Wright and can get a message to her.

Christy- MOSD,inc said...

Thanks - Found Christi! Still looking for Krista Hannah!