Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all DIY'ers

First let me say thanks to Kim Guymon over at Scrapbiz for giving me the idea for this post! Give credit where credit is due right!!!!

Did you know that even the Associated Press is writing about DIY'ers and handmade gifts this year? You can read their article here. The gist of the article is two fold. First with the meltdown of the economy many crafters see handmade as a quality alternative to spending big bucks on store bought items. The second 'fold' is simply that many crafters have a rebellious spirit when it comes to in your face consumerism. They have pledged to go handmade this year as to NOT line the pockets of the big box store corporations.

So with all this in mind and all the fantastic ideas our MOD Squad has been posting on the blog....what are you plans for this holiday season? Using peoples surnames (that would be their last name - lol) in art is a hot trend item right now. What about using an expressions wordbook to make a wall hanging like Shannon did here.

Here are some other ideas that leap to mind: (many of these have been posted on the blog - so I challenge you to go dig through the old posts to find them!!!)

1 - Sets of handmade cards
2 - Recipe book or tin
3 - Christmas ornaments
4 - Candle holders
5 - Wind glass charms
6 - Wreaths
7 - Perpetual Calendars/birthday/important date reminders
8 - Journals
9 - 10 reasons why we love....grandma, grandpa, dad, mom, uncle, friend, dog, cat
10 - And of course - scrapbooks!

If you have made other items or have ideas using MOSD products please post a comment and or a link - you just might get some blog love!

Now go start checking those names off the holiday list!

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Gloria Stengel said...

Something I made last year for gift giving, was to alter those cheapo photo albums you can get at the dollar store...the plastic ones that are like a check book cover. (

Or even use the free ones you get now with photos at Walmart! I collect these cheap and free photo "albums" and decorate them to give out as quick and easy gifts. For my sibs (who I don't have a lot of contact with) I fill with photos and they LOVE them!

MOSD Stackers and Stick-Ons are PERFECT for these altered gems!