Sunday, October 12, 2008

Build a Book...on your wall

The best part of MOSD Expressions Build a Books is that they are so versatile. Create virtually any word you want...and the best can decide if you want to turn it into a book or if you have other creative ideas for it!! I decided to give my father in law a special present...a framed build a book with a picture of him with his grandchildren. It was so easy!! Just cut the paper to size and add a little Mod Podge! The Mod Podge will glue the book together and you can add your photos on top of the book rather than inside. I then found this frame at Target that acts as a shadow box and I was done!!



Gloria Stengel said...

Love it, but you stole my idea! LOL Last night I was working on a word for "wall art" for some wedding phtoos, and thought I was so smart. ROFL Just goest to show that GMTA. I hope Grandpa loves his gift! You did a GREAT job! Wonderful paper choices!

-Jennifer said...

now that is cute!

debbiefitz said...

Shannon, I love this idea! Very creative!