Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Come check out this Mini Album!

Happy Halloween all you bloggers! I thought I'd share a Halloween mini album with you today. I call this project my "Halloween Jumble." The reason I call it that is because I used a huge jumble of products to make the pages of this album. Most of the time when I make a mini album, I use one manufacturer's album. But since I also like to "share the wealth" as it were, and buy lots of stuff, sometimes I like to mix it up. Besides, so many products just work SO well together!

MOSD products work VERY WELL with other products. As you will soon see! For this mini album I used the following MOSD products:

Halloween Stick-Ons (can you spot them?!)
Chipboard pages from Build-a-Book letters (the part you cut off when you make a Build-a-Book)
Chipboard pages from a Retro Album
Acrylic pages from Step and Retro Albums

For my other pages I used a metal "page," pages from a Cosmo Cricket house and bracket albums, scrap chipboard to make 6x6 and tag pages, plus a Rusty Pickle folder. I found the varied page styles and materials made for a funky and fun project!

Please note that I did not show EVERY page in this album, since it is about 30 pages long! I will try to put the whole thing in Photobucket and share a link with everyone. Check back with me soon!

- Gloria (stay safe if you are taking the kiddies T-or-T tonight!)
ETA: I wanted to add, that the metal page was given to my LSS club in October. Our leader (Lori M.) made a fun book with a metal cover, and she made some magnetic embellishements for the front! To see Lori's book go to her blog at


Marcie said...

Love it Gloria! SO much detail to look at!

Vicki said...

Gloria, this is fabulous! Love the cover and all of the detail work! Wow!

Beverly said...

This is sooooo cool, I really think the 'hood needs this "class" in its files :)
love ya and happy Halloween!

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...


Great album. I'm glad the TNT make-n-take I created gave you the inspiration to make this awesome project:) I see that you used the TNT products provided at the meeting. Of course, you added many other great items to give it your "Gloria twist". You are truly a very talented scrapbooker.

Lori McCausland
Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire

peata said...

too awesome.
love the name...

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Maryfrances said...

What a great album. I love the stickons and how you used them. Nice job!!

The Scrapbooker's Bag said...

Awesome album!!! I love it