Sunday, October 19, 2008


Artistic Trading Cards are a fun way to share your hobby with others and be creative at the same time. I recently participated in an ATC Swap at Paper Popsicles and wanted a way to showcase all the lovely cards I received from my friends. Using the covers to the MOSD Cover to Cover Take Along Album I was able to store them all in one place and even have a nifty chain to hang my album by.

Here's the other great part of this album...the inserts are the perfect size to make my OWN ATCs!!! How perfect is that??

Do you like ATCs? Feel free to post your creations here!



Superwoman Scrapper said...

What perfect timing. I never really did ATC's before but this weekend, I participated in Survivor Crop (a 24 hr crop marathon for Breast Cancer Awareness) and we did a card swap. I made my first and I'm kind of excited about it. See it here on my blog . . .

Marcie said...

Great idea Shannon, I will have to try this!