Sunday, October 26, 2008

Done in a FLASH!

My daughter and I were recently talking about making some flash cards. To make it a fun experience for her (cause who really likes studying for a science test??), we made a new file in Photoshop Elements measuring 4x6. Then, using a digital kit by Di Hickman, and made both the front and the back of the flash cards.

After we developed the 4x6 prints, we cut them in half and glued them together, rounding the corners. We then punched holes in the top and added the acrylic covers from the Cover to Cover Mini-Flip Album

A great project to do with your kids because they learn the materials and have an easy way to keep their flashcards for future studies. When it comes to learning, it doesn't have to be hard...MOSD makes it easy to create fun and educational projects that you can share with your children...and you can do them TOGETHER!!!


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