Monday, October 20, 2008

What inspires you?

Hello Everyone...

I am not going to post a project today or a sample or anything visual....instead I have a question for you. What inspires you? Are you the type of scrapper that pours through books and websites looking for projects you can scraplift? Or are you the type of scrapper that walks down the street, sees a 'diffent' swirl in the dirt and it inspires you to make a new pattern? My guess is you are a little bit of both or somewhere in the middle. When I am in my 'get pages done mode' I am definatley a scraplifter! When I have my mojo on I can spend hours on a page designing new elements and layouts.

So I am going to issue a challenge today. All of us at MOSD are forever grateful to our retailers and customers. Lets face it without you we wouldn't be here. So I would like to direct you do our retail locator. Now I want you to spend 10 minutes (set the timer if you need!) going to THEIR blogs and galleries and come up with some inspiration. Maybe you will find a terrific layout you want to scraplift. Perhaps it will be a page elements that lights a spark in your imagination and makes you ultra creative on your next layout. Either way it doesn't matter - just take 10 minutes to explore and see if you can find something new to try. I bet you can!

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