Sunday, October 5, 2008

Storybook Adventure

Recently, my family and I attended The Very Hungry Caterpillar exhibit at the local Botanical Conservatory. There were quite a few interactive displays and my children love any books by Eric Carle, so it was a great day. To continue to learning process, (ok, so my 12 year old humored me)...we got out our paints and painted in the style of Eric Carle. It was a good time talking to my 6 year old about what paints mixed to make what colors, etc. (shhhhhhhhhh! he didn't even know he learning!!!).

So using the Cover to Cover Steppin Out album and some finger paints...we began the decorating process!

After we were done painting, we laid them out to dry. See our beautiful Eric Carle inspired pages?

Then it was time to put the book together. With Mom's help, we typed up the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and added our pictures to go along with it. The kids really enjoyed reading our "new" book!

The best part...the kids were engaged in learning and had fun doing it! This project can be done with so many different subjects and using their pictures (maybe even taken by the children) will make them appreciate it even more. And just think of the memories in years to come!!



Mrs. Crabtree said...

Oh I am so doing this with my kids during school! That book turned out amazing - what a FUN project for KIDS! Keep your eyes peeled at my homeschool blog for a copy of Shannon's AWESOME idea, lol!

Veronica said...

OH GC loves that book--we use it in feeding therapy for her--we even bought the fabric for the wall hanging for her room. She would love this project! We're definitely going to be doing this one! Fantastic job!

VAWM said...

What a super idea! I have some inspiration to capture DS early artwork! Thanks!