Thursday, September 11, 2008

Make it Your Own!

When I received my Midnight Oil Products this month I was instantly drawn to the strawberry deluxe edger, it was just too cute. A couple of days later I set down to go through my photos and found the series of photos I had taken of my daughter, Bree, in my mom's garden picking tomatoes. I was instantly reminded of the strawberries sent to me by Midnight Oil, and I got to thinking. Was there any way that I could alter the strawberries to look like tomatoes? Well, after rounding off the bottoms of the berries and not punching the seeds out, I had tomatoes!!!! I love the way it looks on my layout, and it just goes to show you that not everything is what it seems. Once you think a little outside of the box just about anything is possible! I'm sure you all can come up with lots of other ways to alter Midnight Oil products and make them your own. I would love to hear of any other ways to change up our products and use them in different ways.

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