Monday, September 15, 2008

Stick Ons - There not just for Paper Crafts!

As a mother of two I am always picking up stray socks and pajama's off my childrens' bedroom floor. It makes me CRAZY! Can I say that again - it makes me CRAZY! I have been on a long quest to find a solution to this problem. So this weekend I created one of these for each of my kids:

Now I can hear you saying - 'you poor naive woman' - how is a cute laundry basket going to get clothes up off the floor. My reply - 'it probably won't - for long' but hey they are cuter than plain ones, my girls love them, and it is working right now. And the baskets give me a place to put the folded clothes before the girls get them put away - and that gets them off MY bed. Baby steps....I am all about baby steps. Besides they cost me less than 10 dollars a piece (3.50 for the basket 5.00 for the Stick Ons).

My point to all of this is not to bring you into my laundry woes - but rather to show you that Stick Ons are for so much more than scrapbooking and paper crafts. You can decorate laundry baskets, walls, cell phones, toys, lunch boxes - anything you can image. OH - and did you know we will make custom Stick Ons - contact your local retailer or find one in our retail locator and ask about getting your child's name or nickname!

Happy Washing!

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Vickilyn said...

Love the laundry baskets!! And I would be one of those poor "naive" women too!! lol

Thanks for the inspiration!