Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stick-Ons...How to??

MOSD has always been very innovative with their products. So much so, that sometimes we need to explain how to use the products. So here ya go...all you ever wanted to know about Stick Ons...

Step 1: All Stick Ons come with an repositionable adhesive sheet on the back. Peel that off.

Step 2: Place the repositionable adhesive OVER the Stick On that you want to use. do not have to use the entire Stick On if you don't want to. Some come with frames, etc. and you may just want to use a part. If that is the case, cut out the part that you want to use. The repositionable adhesive can be used multiple times.

Step 3: Using your fingernail, rub the adhesive over the Stick On. You don't have to rub hard or for a long time. Note: A popsicle stick that you might use for rub ons may leave unwanted marks. It is not recommended that you use this to transfer your Stick On.

Step 4: Remove the repositionable adhesive from the Stick On.

It's just that easy! Seriously!! Stick Ons can be altered with a variety of materials. Alcohol inks work really well. They can be painted. Really there is no limit. Take some time to play and experiment. You will also love that they have a little bit of texture to them! Use them on acrylic albums or just a regular layout. They are even good for home decorating!

Want some EXCLUSIVE Stick Ons? Remember we are currently running a contest for a Guest Designer. There is still time to order a contest pack which features never-before-seen-never-seen-again STICK ONS (as well as our awesome 6x12 big boy cover to cover album!!)

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Gloria Stengel said...

I was at a crop at my church last night and a gal there was working on her Contest project! And she did not know how to use the Stick-Ons. So I did a demo. Everyone LOVED the Stick-Ons and everyone wanted to buy some! I hope a local store will soon carry MOSD!

Great How To btw!