Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Own Take On It!

Today I was at the mall with my boys doing some shopping while they spend their Christmas money & I saw the cutest Twilight keychain at the bookstore. Now, I LOVE Twilight & instantly picked it up & then thought to myself "I can make this!". I came home and printed an image off of the internet and adhered it between the front and back acrylic cover of the petite Midnight Oil keychain album. I then added a cute heart brad and a black ribbon on the keychain & tada!!!! My own handmade Twilight keychain! You could do this with any image. It doesn't have to be an actual photo & could be your favorite book, movie, pet breed, etc.... Have fun & be sure to post your own creations & who knows I might check back and send someone a prize!


Gloria Stengel said...

Smarty pants! I am impressed that you made it! I see stuff all the time and say,"I could make THAT" But I never do. LOL

debbiefitz said...

Very cool, Marcie!

Veronica said...

oooh cool! Love it! I can totally see a keychain like that for grandparents too!