Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little love--A Valentines Gift Idea

Good Morning! I hope everyone enjoyed all the CHA Sneak Peeks! Here's another quick, fun and great gift for Valentines day using the new 6x6 Cover ups--they are really cool.

To make this project you'll need

a metal heart tin--I picked a few of these up at Dollar Tree at the first of January
6x6 Cover Up, I used the princess crown

Take the top off of the tin and lay on the backside of the 6x6 cover up. Take a marker and trace around the lid shape. Then cut out according to your tracing. Peel off the backing and apply to the front side, just like the regular stick on process. Rub down really well and then apply the design to the top of the tin. Since you trimmed the design to fit, you shouldn't have any excess on the sides but if you do, just rub down over the edges of the tin. Now you can line the inside with some fun Valentine paper and put in some yummy chocolates!

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silvia said...

WAY COOL Valentine tin!!! LOVE the crowns!!!