Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Simple Scrapping

Howdy all! Christy coming at ya today for our MOD Squad post of the day... Veronica our regular Tuesday hostess has quite the sick little one - we send get well wishes out to her!

Tuesday's theme is Tips and Techniques - so my tip for you today is to keep things simple. Here is a layout done by Sherry of the Scrapbookers Bag.
Sherry is a busy mom, like all of us and she advocates getting pages done, by keeping them simple! Here is a quote from her site:

I want to focus on all of you SIMPLE scrapbookers who are like me. Those of you who love to use many photos on your pages; want easy, but beautiful embellishments; have a quick turnaround time in preserving your family history, and products that won't break the bank.

Sherry is a fan of MOSD products because they go together quick, are innexpensive and add just the right touch to simply scrapped pages. So all you scrappers like Sherry - give a shout out in our comments section for a chance to win the entire MOSD Football Stacker Collection.

I'll draw the winner and let you know who it is on Saturday July 19th, my "regular" blog day.

Sherry used the Football Edger on this simply scrapped page.


melita said...

I am a simple scrapper at heart! Although I try to add more to my pages, I end up yanking it all up! LOL! =) Great football stackers!

Alecia said...

HEY CHRISTY!!! Long time no see!! Loving the example page!!

-Jennifer said...

You know I'm a simple scrapper but I don't need to win, LOL....and look who was here, Alecia!!

*1 Creative Bug* said...

Howdy Girls --- Both Jen and Alicia have designed samples for me! Waving!!!! Believe it or not - I'm a simple scrapper too!

PaulaM said...

I would like to think of myself as a simple scrapper - I HAVE to be - I have too many pictures to scrap!! The football stacker is very cool.