Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Here is a GREAT tip for stamping on Acrylic from our Friend Penny over at Life's Journeys Scrapbooking:

Creative Stamping - Acrylic or similar smooth, non-porous surface stamps differently than paper and cardstock. If you're not careful, the stamp can easily slip and smear your image. Sometimes, you can do this intentionally to create cool effects. But if you want a better shot at a clean stamped image, ink your stamp and let it dry for several seconds before placing it on your layout. To further reduce the chance of slipping, just move slowly and be careful to press straight down.

Is Penny smart or what???? - Be sure to check out Life's Journeys Scrapbooking... they cary some of our Adoption Stacker Collections as well as some of our Clear Albums... Life's Journey's specializes in Asian Adoption ,but they have GREAT stuff for any scrapper!


Veronica said...

great tip!


Veronica said...
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