Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christy's Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm glad it is Saturday - although I will be working today! I am so blessed to have a job I absolutely love. My boss, well I won't mention the slave driver she is :-) - Kidding. Alison and I make a great team!

Ok - onto my challenge... I was looking through some older layouts
I did and came across this one:

Park Play Satcker Collection Featured

I love, love, love this layout! Did it get published? NO... Did it win a contest? NO ... Am I some famous scrapper you should want to scraplift??? Ba Ha HA - absolutely NOT! But the fact remains I love this layout - I remember finishing it ( about 2 years ago) and being proud of the way it came together - handwritten journaling and all.

So today my challeng is to look back at some older layouts and find one you are really proud of. Make it a Family thing, sit with the kids, DH, the dog - whoever and do some reminicing.

Have a great Weekend!


-Jennifer said...

I always liked that layout too Christy, it goes together really nice.

*1 Creative Bug* said...

Thanks Jen!