Friday, December 19, 2008

Have You Mailed Your Christmas Cards Yet?

I have made my own Christmas cards since 1995. I know crazy, right? I used to make about 150 to 200 cards! Even crazier! I'm now down to making about 50-60 cards - moving a lot does have the benefit of getting to cross "certain people" off my card list! I have all my cards made, but they are not yet addressed or mailed. I lack follow-through sometimes.

Here are two cards I made using the MOSD Snowflake Stick-Ons. (Both cards appeared on the Card Sketch A Day site in December!)

For this first card I used the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder to emboss the blue paper. Then I sewed all around the edge (yes, with an actual sewing machine, which I did not break, not exactly anyway...). I trimmed the words from a sheet of scrapbook paper, and hand-sewed them to the card (and I did not even sew the card to my shirt this time!). I added the Snowflake Stick-Ons, and ta-da, a card!
This next card took advantage of the new Inchies craze. (Which is an old technique and used to be called Deco Squares.) I trimmed some squares of paper and added Snowflake Stick-Ons and some glitter with clear Stickles and a glitter pen. Easy and cute!

I hope you get your cards in the mail this weekend! And that at least one was handmade! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

- Gloria


Christy- MOSD,inc said...

Great cards Gloria - I used to make cards and now I just don't, lol. Every year I say - this will be the year - I'll start making them in January and be done in plenty of time... You know how the story ends.

Veronica said...

I cannot believe you make that many cards a year! WOW.

Maryfrances Fabbri said...

Totally love that second card. And the embossing on the first is really cool. I thin I need to get that embossing folder now.

Good for you on making your own cards. We just printed ours off and picked them up at Walgreens. Now to mail them...yeepie!