Tuesday, July 13, 2010

With all my heart...

I used the MOSD Friendship Edger
for my card today.
After having a fantastic vacation with a dear friend
that I hadn't seen in two years,
I figured she deserved a "paper hug."
That's what our paper creations are, you know...
when you give them away,
they become "paper hugs."
This particular MOSD Edger
originally states "Hold a Friend with Both Hands"
and features a cute little antique telephone,
you know... the kind you hold "with both hands."
Very clever!
And the words are meant to lay over the die cut strip.
I changed my edger up a bit so you could
see the various ways you can work with these great tools.
So the inside of my card reads...

Here's wishing you friendship, hugs, and kisses today!


Dolores said...

love this card!!!

Carol said...

Love this! I enjoy looking at your blog and getting new ideas. Thanks!