Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter Organization!!

So with all this frigid weather do you be finding yourself constantly searching for that missing mitten or hat? Or do you hear 10 times "mom what do I need to wear?"! Well I have the answer for you! A quick and easy accessory organizer! For this project you will need ribbon, a MOSD acrylic easel album cover, MOSD Intricacies, a MOSD perfectly shaped scallop spinner, film slides, adhesive, stickles, letters and pattern paper.

I used the intricacy as the background, covered the spinner with the pattern paper cut it out with a craft knife and sanded the edges. I used a circle punch to cut a circle of cardstock and cut a snowman to match the accessories needed wear ie. hat only, hat and mittens, hat-mittens-scarf-boots, ect.. I attached these circles around the spinner so now I can just turn the spinner to the correct snowman and my boys can easily get dressed properly without having to ask me a million times what they need. And to further simplify the winter mess I have hung ribbon and attached film slides labeled with what should hang there. Just add clothes pins or binder clips and hand the accessories in their proper spot! I added stickles and some letters stickers to embellish the sign and there you have a quick organizer! I used a 3M removable hook and hung this inside my closet door!

Now go grab your supplies and simplify your winter accessoies too!

Thanks For Looking!

Stay Warm!



~EssenseVibez~ said...

how cute is this---what a treat---thanks for sharing---LOVE IT!!!

Dolores said...

oh this is so cool!!!

kellyjean said...

Valerie, you're always coming up with the most fabulous "outside the box" projects! Great job! THis is adorable!

AmesOx said...

Ohh, this is a great idea! and just SO cute too Valerie!!