Tuesday, November 17, 2009

About Me - Expression Word Book

Hello beautiful people, it's Amy! I am back this month to share with you an album I created. This Album is very special to me and I will tell you why! A few of the ladies on the MOSD DT have decided to focus on a '10 things' theme this month. I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with this theme and was talking it over with my husband on the phone one evening. We went over several ideas and in the end I was still undecided. The next morning I woke up to an email from the DH titled '10 things I love about Amy'.... I was so over the moon at his thoughtfulness and decided that his list would become the subject for this month's project!
So here it is, my album, 10 things he loves About Me:

The base of the album is the MOSD Expression Wordbook and Ali sent us these wonderful letter Stick ons to go on the edges. I absolutely LOVE how they give the letters such definition! The very front page of the album I actually used an Acrylic page from the Clearly Designed - Show Off album. Adding MOSD acrylic pages to albums is the perfect way to add that extra little special 'something'!

When I was adding the papers to the chipboard pages I used a spray-on adhesive. This works perfectly and gives a nice even coverage. Then simply use a sharp xacto knife and trim around the edges! Easy-Peasy!!

We are silly and completely odd, but after 12 years we are each others life.

MOSD Stick Ons - Twirly Gigs have a special place in my heart. They are just beautiful and I can't get enough of them. On this page I used them in white, but they come in a multitude of different colors that suit just about any ones Paper crafting needs!

He thinks it's cheesy, but the man supports me 100%! Hobbies are a good thing!

Oh, and one of the most amazing MOSD products EVER are the Spiral Rings. On this album I used them in brown. If I am creating an album of any kind I guarantee you that I am using these amazing rings. They are simple to use and made of sturdy plastic and come in 6 fantastic colors!

Another thing that I love to do when creating anything is to up-cycle or recycle items. On this Album I reused the center punch out that came out of the star divider page. By simply turning the star and tacking it down I not only added dimension to the page but also saved it from going to Scrapbook heaven!

Speaking of using things. This entire album is embellished with product that I have had around forever! Like these rub-ons. They are leftovers from a multitude of packs. So when you have so many rub-ons just laying around try using them up and create a background out of them!

Kids are the sweetest when they sleep, that's why I love to watch them. No matter how rotten they are during the day when you watch a child sleep they are all little angels :-)

What he doesn't realize is that I absolutely adore his hobbies!

On this last page I added this little envelope. I just adore little hiding places. It's where I put a copy of his email that I created this entire album about. Thank you MOSD for bringing out the softer side of my husband :-)
And Thank you all for taking the time for stopping by today to check out what I have been up to. I will be back next month with a new project, so be watching!! And don't forget to check back regularly to see what the rest of the FAB MOSD DT has been creating. They are full of inspiration and wonderful ideas!!


Ali said...

WOW Amy - you hit this one out of the park! LOVE your album!

Gloria Stengel said...

Oh Amy. This is fabbie! He's da bomb to give you a list like that! What a guy! Great job on this project!

Tina said...

GORGEOUS!!! What a fabulous album! Great colors....the album feels alive with it!!!! :D

kellyjean said...

Amy, how awesome is this?!!! What a great theme to use for this particular book! I love the star there in the mid section. Great job!

Erica said...

Very nice and colorful!

Carolyn Lontin said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love the bright colors!