Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlotte's Web!

Hi everyone! It is October and Fall is in the air!! I'm happy to be back with another awesome project using all of the great MOSD products!
My project reflects the theme of Obscure Holidays that some of us did for the month of October. One of the obscure holidays that falls on the 15th is Charlotte's Web Birthday 1952. There are about five other holidays, but I chose this one because October is the month for Halloween too.

To celebrate this holiday I created a birthday card. It's an interactive birthday card using all of these great MOSD products. For the base of the card I used one of the Perfectly Shaped Chipboard Shapes. I chose this shape because it looked like a spider web. I covered it with spider web patterned paper and then I glued a piece of peach cardstock to the middle of the card. I placed the sentiment on the cardstock. Next I took a piece of Clearly Designed Acrylic and placed that on top of the cardstock. I adhered the acrylic piece with a single orange eyelet. Then I glued a big flower to the middle of the acrylic. The final step was stamping the black spiders on the acrylic piece and the middle of the flower.

I love creating interactive projects! So the message can be written on the cardstock, all you have to do is move the acrylic piece up or down, write your message, and then move it back into place!!

I hope that you all enjoyed this project! Please come back often and take a look at all of the projects that the MOD SQUAD has to offer! There is always an awesome project here. Oh and check out all of the design team blogs!! Don't forget to check the MOSD website often for all of the new products and for a list of retailers so you can get these great products too!!

Have an awesome day! See ya next month!! :)


kellyjean said...

Well, this is adorable, Marissa! And I looooooove Charlotte's Web! My fav as a kid... and now. ;-)

Gloria Stengel said...

Very cool, Marisa! Love that story. I think I've read that a gazillion times. We use it in our homeschool lit/reading program too. I think my youngest had it for last year. We have the whole set of E.B. White books.

Carolyn Lontin said...

very cool - love that you made it interactive!

Erica said...

Very cute! I love how you can move the acrylic with the single brad. Great design for creating interactive projects.

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

How cute. And I even learned something new today...I didn't know Charlotte's Web's birthday was October 15th. Thanks for sharing:)