Saturday, September 5, 2009

Inside the Can-O-Back to School

And here is all the "Back to School" goodness inside the can!
Fun stuff, huh?!
A couple of days ago, I shared with you my
"Can-O-Back to School" here on the MOSD blog.
Here is the can in case you missed it...
Just an ordinary veggie can recycled (gotta love THAT!)
I removed the BOTTOM of my can so the top
still has the "pop top" in tact.
Tied some ribbons to the top and
once it's "popped," the can can act as a pencil holder!
LOVE it!
Now... for the goodie goodness inside the can...

I'm so excited about this bookmark and these magnets!
I used the "Build a Book Perfectly Shaped Mini Sawtooth"
by (well, of course) Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs!
I just cut each section until I had all my little pieces.
Only ONE Mini Sawtooth piece was used
for all the projects you see in this post.
Again, using one of my trimmed pieces of the
Mini Sawtooth Build a Book piece,
I scored it in 1/2 to create a sturdy lil magnet bookmark.
Now, for this bookmark... look closely.
The STAR is one of the PUNCHED STARS
After punching them from the intricacy,
I spritzed on some bling, and used them as embellishments.
Waste not want not!
And quite possibly my favorite piece of the can...
My "Cover 2 Cover Petite Acrylic Album"
by Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs!
These are the CUTEST little things I think I've seen!
And it was so fun making this adorable little book!
What fun it will be to give it away!
Since my daughter had about
1/2 of her friends go one way for Jr High and
the other 1/2 go with her to another school,
I know she is going to be missing those she won't see
each and every day at school.
This little book has pics of all her buds she might miss
(and a couple of the ones she will still be with.)
She can hang these "Locker Notes" of friendship
in her locker and keep her friends close to her heart.

By keeping my designs somewhat simple,
I was able to create a ton of little goodies very quickly.
You don't have to pour each and every supply
into one project to create a heartfelt keepsake
as long as you pour your heart into creating it!


ellie said...

wowza! what awesomely cute stuff! My fav has to be the mini-album, though! how loving is it that you thought about her missing "her buds"....way to go, mom! She'll remember this caring treat forever, I'm sure! :D

AmesOx said...

Absolutely love the 'goodies' inside the can! What an amazing treat to get, and one that your DD will surely treasure forever!

Gloria Stengel said...

This is AWESOME! Love all those goodies! Great job using mega amounts of MOSD product!

Erica said...

these are so cute and creative!