Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Time Flies!

WOW! I can't believe here we are in September already! Time just flies by! So fast that my little guys started Preschool for the first time last week! Which had me thinking I needed to come up with a good way to preserve all these precious school memories for them. So I got an idea and started searching my box of Midnight Oil products and came up with the idea to create this awesome book to document every year for them. So I grabbed a bunch of the the Perfectly shaped build a book pieces, some Intricacies, some KI pattern paper, Making Memories mini glitter letters, DoodleBug buttons, and my trusty Zip Dry glue. And here is what I created!
I created a page for each year from Preschool through High school and I will fill out the info page which I typed up and printed out for each year, and at the bottom is a place for my son to write his name at the start of each year. The next page is a place to put a copy of the class picture each year. I kept the embellishments simple to not take away from the info and the pictures. The image on the front cover is from Cheeky Radish designs and I used my Copic markers to color it. I had fun just mixing all the different shaped pages together and just making it fun and funky!

OK I think you get the idea and I don't need to show all the pages. LOL! So go grab your supplies and make one for your special someone!




Patti J. said...

Great idea! Our kids are 28 and 33 and I sure wish I had done something like this for them! Love it!

Gloria Stengel said...

Awesome! This is a wonderful little book!!!

I started to do this in 12x12 for my kids...I think I got thru 6th grade with my oldest (he's in college now) and thru 3rd grade with dd (she's in 9th now) and never even started one for my youngest who is in 4th. LOL I have the info. written down, but making a 12x12 pages just seemed overwhelming to me after a while...bad mommy, bad mommy.

Oxford03 said...

Such a wonderful idea! I may have to start something like this with my little ones too! I do LO's for them every year, but a little book would is such a fabulous idea!!

kellyjean said...

SOOOO sweet, Valerie! I wish I had done one of these for my kids! Too late now... I've forgotten most of that stuff. sigh. he he he. LOVE this!

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

This is adorable! I have grandkids starting school and will definitely use this great book as inspiration when creating a book for my grandkids:)