Friday, May 22, 2009

HodgePodge Alubm - Part I

Ok, this is called the HodgePodge Album. And, no MOSD does not sell it, but you CAN make it from MOSD products. (Hang on, I'm gonna tell you how!) I invented this album after seeing other types of albums that come with all different page sizes. I, of course, changed mine up and made it my own size and style, and gave it a name...hopefully a unique name!!! I wanted to bind it with the pages at all levels, which was super easy by punching holes with a Crop-a-Dile and binding with MOSD plastic rings!

This is Part 1, because the album is NOT finished yet. There are no photos OR embellishments on it yet. It's just covered with paper. Tune in next week to see it in all its Glory...pun intended!

This is how you can make this album: You need clear acrylic or chipboard, or a combination of the two. The album is 6 pages, but you can make yours with more (or fewer). My pages, with the exception of the back cover, are all acrylic. I did not have an acrylic page the size I wanted for the back (MOSD does make that size, but I used my last one a few weeks ago, so I had to use chipboard).

I scavenged the clear pages from other MOSD albums. I cut my pages to approximately the following sizes:

5x5 (part of a Hip to be Squared album)

4x8.5 (part of a Long Haul album)

6x6.5 (part of a Gatefold album)

8x5 (part of a Big Boy album)

6x7 (part of a Gatefold album)

9.75x8.5 (this one is chipboard that I had in my stash)

My Fiskars trimmer cuts the acrylic and chipboard very well.

Once I had my pages all trimmed to size I covered them with paper. I made sure to show a border of the clear acrylic on each page. Then I decided how I wanted to line them up, and punched the holes! This took a bit of time to mark and punch the holes, and they are not perfectly spaced, but...who is gonna tell on me?! The MOSD brown rings worked great to bind the album.

Tune in next week to see how I decorated the album! I'll be using photos from our recent Hawaii trip!

- Gloria

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