Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to You... Happy Birthday to You...

Not your birthday... my internet system!
he he he...
Some crazy things have been happening,
including my post showing up without any message.
So I'm going to try this once again
and hopefully you will enjoy the MOSD goodness I have to share.
As you can see,
I used one of MOSD's Stackers
from the Birthday Collection for my card.
These stackers come trimmed to the finest
for you to create and assemble how you please
or how MOSD perfectly suggests.
Ready for a 12x12 scrapbook layout,
MOSD Stackers fit just right onto your page.
OR you can be all creative and go trimming your stacker
here and there as I have done for my birthday card.
And since this month hosts Mother's Day,
in honor of all women,
we should always create our birthday cards
with a little something something inside.
My card is an envelope card
which allows you to slip in any special something
for the gal of your delight.
Of course there is the obvious gift...
the good ole green ($$) or gift cards/certificates.
But other gifts fit just as nicely and won't break the bank.
What about favorite photos or a poem?
How about some handmade notecards or stationary
(or is it stationery?  he he.)
There is always the sweetest gift of "love ya coupons."
Envelope cards work great for group signing...
just have everyone sign a nice sheet of paper
instead of the card.  Then slip the sheet into the pockets.
The card stays lovely and the paper is a treasured momento.
I hope this gives you tons of ideas for your next birthday.
Now here is how to create your own envelope card...

Begin by tucking one flap of one envelope into the other.
Close this envelope over onto the other envelope.
Then adhere the remaining flap (of the "other envelope")
to the reverse side of the first envelope.
The two envelopes will end up working just like a card.
The side showing the flap can be covered over
as the "front" of the card.
This leaves the backside looking
neat and clean as if it were card stock.
Now you try it!
Have fun!


Ali said...

How did you know it was my birthday? Great card!

kellyjean said...

Girl... I have my ways! Wink.

Dolores said...

wow what a great card!

AmesOx said...

This is so cute! Thanks for showing us the mastermind idea behind the card :) Brilliant!