Monday, February 1, 2010

Come on, Spring!

Take heart... Spring IS on its way!
he he.
Are you like me... ready for warmer weather?!
I'm so ready to see some flowers... and butterflies!
I'm using MOSD's adorable little "Show Off" album
for my springy project today.
The "Show Off" album comes with
two acylic covers and 4 cardboard pages.
I love using decorative paper in these little albums
but sometimes the paper is too thin to use all by itself.
This is where the cardboard pages come in handy.
They add durability to the album.
And since you know the album is going to be
looked at and looked at and looked at,
it needs to be sturdy and durable.
I'm showing this album without pictures
because I am... yes, waiting for spring.  ;-)
I can't wait to take photos of my kids
and get them in this adorable album.
The simplicity of my album
gives you an opportunity to use your creativity
and decide in what direction you might go further with it.
I believe that's how life is...
God gives it to us... in a simple form.
Then He says, "Now, go do something with it!"
Here's wishing you a warm and a simple day!
I wonder what you might do with it?  :-)
"I have come that they may have life,
and have it to the fullest."  John 10:10b


Carolyn Lontin said...

This is simply ADORABLE!! I love the papers you used!

Erica said...

Very cute! Love the cute embellishments and all the colors! I'm so ready for spring, too.

AmesOx said...

So so cute! Love everything about this little album!