Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting dirty...

I have found a new favorite in my scrapbooking supplies...Dimensional Paints!! Found in the art supply aisle at most craft stores, this paint is perfect for adding a little dimension to the edges of acrylic. It is also awesome when making mud on a page!!

Here, I wanted to add some dimension to my demolition derby pictures. So I added some dimensional paint to the car pictogram stick ons! They came off and applied as easily as if they were not altered.

This would be a perfect technique for tractors, farms or anything where you want to look muddy! So give it a try and come back and let us know how you did!!


Amy said...

I'm in love with this layout!! Finding derby scrapbooking ideas is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE and my boyfriend is a great driver and I love to take pictures of him and this is such an awesome idea and layout!! Thank You and I hope to see more ideas on this topic in the future.

Melissa&Kris said...

Great Layout!! I have been scrapbooking my husband's demo derby pictures since 2001 and haven't met anyone else yet who scrapbooks demo derbies! Everyone else it scrapbooking their kids, holidays, weddings, etc. So it was exciting to come across your blog and see your layout!!

Amber said...

I also have a whole scrapbook dedicated to my husband's derby pics. I would love more layout ideas. Do you know if there are any stickers/embellishments for derby??