Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh a Cropping I will go!!!

Happy Saturday Every One!!! Today is a good day for me... I have the pleasure of getting together once a month with a great group of women for a crop. I co-host the event with my Creative Memories Rep and we have decided to start a fun new program - the Diva for the Day. If you pre-register for the event you get put into a drawing for "Diva of the Day" -- one of the things you win as the Crop Diva is a corny little layout I whipped up ---

So the lighting is not too great - it's almost midnight - normally I would scan it --- but the Stickles are wet - I seriously just whipped it up, lol... but I digress...

Here is a close up - I used stickles behind the printing on the transparency to "glue" it to the sparkly layout - I think I happen to be brilliant! It's hard to see because it's the Stardust Stickles - just trust me, I'm brilliant!

This corny little layout uses the Toddler Girl Topper ( hey go post on Friday Fun - you might win the whole Collection!) , with a black overlay. When retailers order from us they get to choose from colored or black on most collections - how cool is that???

And just as Gloria said yesterday ( he he - still today for me at this very moment) the Toddler Collections are VERSITILE and can be used for older kids too!

Want to see an AWESOME layout using the color topper? Ok, here is one designed by Suzy Molen of Monday Morning Memories:

A much better example of how a layout should be done --- but I bet Suzy didn't whip her's up at 11;30 pm... signing off for today - I'm off to pack for my crop!

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Gloria Stengel said...

Hey, I was working late last night too, using stickles and the Stick-on Monograms! I had to let them dry overnight and pray the dumb cat did not get "stickled." LOL Can't wait to show my project next FRIDAY! Ooohhh now I'll bet y'all are waiting on the edge of your seats! LOL