Saturday, August 30, 2008

Filigree Fun

I had the pleasure of going to a local crop and actually scrapbooking last night. I usually go and set up my store, so just scrapping was wonderful. My 3 bugs scrapped with me - which was fun! I really have to "let go" and allow them to create in their own way, lol. My youngest colored a picture of a dinosaur in his coloring book and proceeded to use every glue dot and white flower I brought with me... But this is how he scrapbooks and I love it!

The girls pick out patterned paper and proceed to glue as many pictures to a page as they can - then decorate with flowers, buttons, stickers. Barely any of the paper shows - but I don't mind! I love the creative freedom going on. (Not to mention the overuse of my button stash, lol)

So, I have a few hours to create and just "be". I dig through my packet of pictures and find a beautiful one from 2005 of my husband and children at Disneyland. I wanted to keep it simple and I did not want printed backround paper to distract from the picture - so I decided to use The Filigree Intricacy. I am very happy with how the overall page turned out. This one is not for my scrapbook, but rather for my clipboard on the wall by the front door. Some scrapbook pages are too beautiful to close up in a book, and the Filigree Intricacy deserves to be on display.

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Marcie said...

This came out gorgeous, and you perfectly used the filgaree!